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Please note: I will be retiring in December 2023, so I am no longer accepting any new clients. I still provide EMDR consultation for EMDR therapists wanting to improve their skills now and will continue that after I retire.


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I have been in private practice, at Awakenings Counseling, LLC, here in Tucson since 2001. I specialize in working with mood disorders, codependency, trauma, addictions and family of origin issues. I especially like working with other mental health clinicians who want to do their own work. I work with bariatric patients, both pre and post-surgery, to help them be successful in their eating recovery. I had bariatric surgery myself in 2008 and wrote “Beyond the Refrigerator: Navigating Life After Weight-Loss Surgery” about my experiences. Both personally and professionally, I have adopted the Intuitive Eating philosophy, providing a research-based, self-compassionate way to address size and body image concerns, which has allowed me to finally truly make peace with myself and my relationship with food. Ask me about it!



Therapy Services

New therapy services are no longer being offered due to my upcoming retirement.

EMDR Consulting

 I offer individual and group consultation and work locally and remotely with people across the country, via Zoom. If you have completed your basic training in EMDR, I encourage you to work towards certification, and take your training and experience to the next level.

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“When I met Linda I was at the lowest point in my life. Actually, scary low. I needed help and was blessed to meet Linda. She is attentive, understanding, nonjudgmental, knowledgeable, and at no point did she tell me what to do. Her approach was far more supportive and never assigned blame for any feeling I had. She provided me with the most secure, safe place to do the hard work (EMDR) that was to come. She has taught me tools I needed to face any situation without fear. I can say, without hesitation that having Linda in my life has been, and will continue to be, one of the greatest gifts I could have found in life.”


“I have been seeing Linda off and on for many years. Early on we did a lot of EMDR. As a wise therapist with practical advice and a sense of humor, she has been vital in helping me cope with PTSD and lifelong depression.”

-E S

“Linda is a kind and generous consultant who assisted me with both basic understanding of EMDR, consolidation of experience with the protocol and supplemental materials to prepare me for deeper learning in the many offshoots of complex trauma and resolution. “

-L S


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